The State Emergency Service of Ukraine

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postgraduate education in the branch of knowledge 26 "Civil Safety";

functional training the teachers of the normative subjects "Life Safety", "Civil Protection";

functional training in the branch of knowledge 07 "Management and  Administration";

providing educational services in functional training of managerial staff and professionals involved in the organization and implementation of measures in civil protection sphere, as well as senior personnel of agencies and units in civil protection system;

providing special training on fire safety issues for the needs of economic agents;

organization of  training  first aid techniques giving to casualties;

organization of psychophysiological assessment to define the level of professional competence of managerial personnel and other categories of workers;

foreign languages training of specialists in civil protection; 

conducting additional professional and pedagogical training for teachers and science and  teaching employees of territorial courses, scientific-methodological centers in  the sphere of civil protection as a component of the lifelong professional education system according to scientific-research and experimental study;

conducting fundamental and applied research on security development in emergency situations;

scientific, experimental and organizational support of functional education at methodological centers in the sphere of civil protection;

providing testing procedure of managerial staff  of  SES of Ukraine before being appointed to a higher position on referral by SES of Ukraine;

conducting technological inspection on safety of hazardous facilities and high-risk facilities;

participating in implementing of state, sectorial and regional target scientific programs;

international cooperation with foreign educational institutions, scientific establishments, international organizations, public organizations in the sphere of civil protection;

providing chargeable educational, expert, publishing, informative and other services, stated by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;

improvement of scientific resource base, installing modern equipment, printing and computer machinery, providing basic needs for trainees;

providing informative support for SES of Ukraine activities.